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Metal Systems

Drywall Partitions

A range of vertical metal studs combined with ceiling and floor tracks; together they form a framework which is designed to accept gypsum wallboards in single or double thickness. Libra Stud and Track is available in several widths, each of which has been tested to a variety of Fire, Acoustic and Structural standards. Studs have a knurled face to assist straight screw penetration when fixing wallboards with drywall screws; this allows the contractor to complete drywalls with the minimum amount of effort.

We Stock and supply all drywall stud and track systems from 50mm to 148mm in lengths from 2.4m to 4.2m.

  • C Stud – 34 x 48 x 32
  • I Stud – 38 x 50 x 38
  • Standard Track – 25 x 50 x 25
  • Deep Track – 50 x 50 x 50
  • Extra Deep Track (Non Stock) – 70 x 72 x 70
  • Flat fixing Plate
Libra Superior Sections

Wall Lining

Wall Channel is a general purpose internal, non-load bearing wall lining system consisting of Vertical Channels, Ceiling and Floor Tracks and Fixing Brackets for use with gypsum wallboards. The wall channel brackets compensate for background irregularities, which also allows for minimal or no preparation to the surface being lined. The cavity behind the Wall Channel lining system can be used to accommodate services and can also permit enhancement of thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Wall Channel Stud – 18 x 45 x 18
  • Track – 20 x 20 x 30
  • 195mm/ 295mm Wall Brackets
  • Channel Connectors
Libra Superior Sections

Metal Furring Suspended Systems

Furring Runner is a concealed metal system for suspended ceilings where no visible joints are required. It has been designed to allow the contractor to produce a ceiling that has a conventional plaster appearance. The impression is created by using the Furring Runner metal concealed system onto which plasterboard is directly fixed. This also allows a variety of decorations to be applied to the surface. For applications where hygiene is of prime importance, particularly in the medical field, the ceiling can be left smooth. Items such as light fittings, access panels and ventilation units are easily accommodated within the Furring Runner system.

  • MF5 Furring Runner (Top Hat) – Ceiling Furring Channel 3600mm
  • MF6A Perimeter Trim – 20 x 26 x 30 Edge Trim 3600mm
  • MF7 Primary Channel (Main Bar) – 15 x 45 x 15 Channel 3600mm
  • Galvanised Suspension Angle – 25 x 25 / 25 x 50 / 50 x 50 x 3000mm
  • MF9 Channel Clips
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Resilient Bar

Galvanised section designed to obtain the optimum acoustic performance when used in wall and ceiling systems.

Libra Superior Sections