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Fixings & Fastenings


We stock a large variety of Loose and Collated Drywall and Timber Frame screws all available on next day delivery.

We can supply all Evolution Fasteners products.

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Intumescent & Acoustic Acrylic Sealant

Evolution intumescent and acoustic sealant is a one part emulsion designed to resist the passage of both fire and sound.

In normal use, the sealant remains flexible enough to retain the sound reduction index of a structure. In the event of fire, it will intumesce and form a char, sealing the gap for up to 4 hours.

Dry Lining Brackets, Supports & Hangers

We stock and supply all dry ling accessories from Acoustic Hangers to MF 9 Brackets

EPD Also Supply

Wkret Met Insulation Anchors/ Wall Fasteners

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Brick Tie Channels

OX Tools

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