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Acoustic Layers / Sound Proofing

Regupol Under Screed Acoustic Resilient Layers

The Regupol range of resilient layers can be used with pre-cast concrete, beam and block, in-situ concrete and timber floor types. We have Robust Detail and PCT options. All materials provide a very effective route to Part E and Section 5 compliance. Our under screed acoustic insulation products include Regupol Quietlay, Regupol E48, Regupol 6010BA, Regupol 6010SH and Regupol 7210C. These products can be used throughout the UK. They comply with Part E for England and Wales, and Section 5 for Scotland.

Our under screed acoustic insulation materials are quick and easy to install. They are cost-effective and high-performing. They deliver minimal creep under high loads. As well as being compatible with all types of sub-floor, they are also compatible with sand cement, proprietary and self-levelling screeds.

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InstaLay 65 Acoustic Insulation

InstaCoustic InstaLay 65 is a high performance resilient membrane designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound through floor screeds

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Cellecta Yelofon HD10+

Yelofon HD10+ is the ultimate acoustic layer for underneath a floating screed. The acclaimed high density, non-cross-linked, HCFC free polyethylene resilient layer system carries its own proprietary Robust detail E-FC-5 & (E-FC-17). Yelofon HD10+ is a lightweight, easy to install system that delivers unrivalled acoustic performance when used to isolate a floating screed from structural concrete floors.

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We also supply all other acoustic insulations and Cellecta sound proofing products.

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Acoustic Screed Edging Strip (Perimeter Strip) – 150mm x 8mm x 50m

Edge strip is used with solid (concrete screed) floors around the edge of a room to provide an expansion gap for the floor as it heats up and cools down. 150 mm wide x 8 mm thick.