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Suspended Ceilings

Libra RigidLock

The major features that designers and contractors insist are essential for a successful suspended ceiling system grid are Quality Materials, Reliability, Flexibility and Ease of Fitting. Rigidlock metal exposed grid (known to some as Phoenix Rigidlock) has a long established track record of satisfying all these requirements. Rigidlock is available in a wide range of colours, including mirror finish to provide designers with the opportunity to create unique features for their clients.

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Cipriani Teetanium

Cipriani Drywall Metal Systems is proud to present its new grid suspension systems, Teetanium and Teebuild, the direct result of extensive experience in the suspended ceiling market.

These new grid systems are both strong and quick; you will hear an audible “click” as the systems fits together. Both systems are protected by seven international patents.

The new clip has been specially designed and is made of stainless steel, this ensures strength, greater stability and if required easy removal, it is fully reusable.

Removal is quick and easy; simply apply pressure to the button on the centre of the clip. No tools are required.

An innovative and exclusive anti-torsion lock system on the grids vertical side offers extreme rigidity and stability when under loading.

For the production of TEETANIUM grid, we have patented the use of a brand new material in our field, it has both strength and high resistance; this provides unique features and unequalled mechanical properties.

The new TEETANIUM grid system is available in 15mm, 24mm and 35mm sizes. In addition the TEEBUILD system for plasterboard is available in a 42mm size. Each size is available in the following modules 600mm, 610mm, 625mm and 675mm.

The Cipriani ranges of products for lay in ceilings are complimented by several perimeter trims and special profiles.

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Metal Furring Ceilings

Furring Runner is a concealed metal system for suspended ceilings where no visible joints are required. It has been designed to allow the contractor to produce a ceiling that has a conventional plaster appearance. The impression is created by using the Furring Runner metal concealed system onto which plasterboard is directly fixed. This also allows a variety of decorations to be applied to the surface. For applications where hygiene is of prime importance, particularly in the medical field, the ceiling can be left smooth. Items such as light fittings, access panels and ventilation units are easily accommodated within the Furring Runner system.

  • MF5 Furring Runner (Top Hat) – Ceiling Furring Channel 3600mm
  • MF6A Perimeter Trim – 20 x 26 x 30 Edge Trim 3600mm
  • MF7 Primary Channel (Main Bar) – 15 x 45 x 15 Channel 3600mm
  • Galvanised Suspension Angle – 25 x 25 / 25 x 50 / 50 x 50 x 3000mm
  • MF9 Channel Clips
Libra Superior Sections

Burgess CEP Ceiling Tiles

Burgess CEP offer a vast range of mineral based ceiling solutions including; suspended ceiling systems, ceiling tiles, wall panels, acoustic ceilings, acoustic baffles, and integrated acoustic solutions. Feed your imagination by taking a look at our vast range and the various options available

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URSA 10 Glasswool Loft Insulation

URSA 10 Loft Roll is a lightweight, unfaced, glass wool roll, Manufactured to BS EN 13162. URSA 10 DIVERSO is perforated to give either 2 x 570mm width or 3 x 380mm width. URSA 10 is pre-split to give 2 x 570mm width.

  • Thickness – 100, 150, 170 & 200mm
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.044 W/mk
  • Nominal Density 10 kg/m³
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URSA Glasswool Acoustic Partition Roll Insulation

URSA Acoustic Roll is a lightweight, unfaced glass wool roll. Manufactured to BS EN 13162

URSA Acoustic Roll is for use as an acoustic absorbing material in timber and metal framed partition and separating walls and floors.

  • Width – 2 x 600mm rolls (25mm also at 1200mm)
  • Thickness – 25, 50, 60, 75, 100 & 140mm
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.035 W/mK
  • Nominal Density 22 kg/m³ (except 100mm minimum 12 kg/m³)
  • Euroclass A1 (non-combustible)
  • CE Marked
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