EPD Insulation Group Help Young Hattie Taylor With Her Skiing Dream


Written by EPD Insulation

9 February 2023 / Company News

At just ten-years-old, Hattie Taylor is a gifted and passionate young skier, who has been recognised as one the UK’s most progressive mini-ski racers for her age group. After numerous local and national podium successes (including ‘National School Girl Champion’), Hattie was looking for potential sponsors to aid and support her in her quest to Represent GB and follow a junior pathway and ski on the World Cup circuit one day.

That’s where EPD stepped in and offered financial assistance. EPD Insulation have a track record of helping youngsters with their sporting dreams and Hattie is definitely dreaming big.

In 2016, at the tender age of four-years-old, Hattie first stepped into skis on a family holiday and instantly fell in love with the slopes. Her natural talent and enthusiasm towards the sport meant that she joined Midland Ski Club in April 2019, where her talents and adoration for skiing gained the noticeable attention of her coaches. Since then, and after the unfortunate stop-start nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was at the start of 2021 when she finally started to realise her potential as a competitive ski racer.

After many hours of committed training, Hattie’s hard work started to provide fruitful results, she took the overall win on the ‘GBR Series’, successfully claiming the fastest mini-skier during the first series at Norwich. Hattie has gone on to achieve eight back-to-back wins from competing at 12 club nationals – where, remarkably, she achieved a podium result on all. As her success and love for skiing continued to grow at a rapid rate, she claimed a fantastic second place at The All-England Championships. With a driving motivation to achieve and such a love for the sport, Hattie remained committed to her training and finally became ‘National School Girl Champion’ after successfully winning the championships.

The ultimate goal for Hattie is to represent Great Britain and hopefully one day make it on to the world cup circuit and to represent GB at the Junior Olympics.  This is going to be a long and at times painful journey, but we think with the support of the right people that she can realise this dream.

Although her goals may seem unattainable in current circumstances, we and her coaches are convinced that, with the correct nurturing and alpine training, Hattie can go on to achieve great things.

Written by EPD Insulation / 9 February 2023



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