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Mannok Therm Floor / MF insulation is a high performance, fibre free board, with a rigid thermoset insulation core and faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil facing.

The high compressive strength of Mannok Therm Floor / MF enables it to withstand the dead and imposed loads transmitted through the floor.

Mannok Therm Floor / MF is suitable for new build and refurbishments projects in both domestic and commercial build. With specific properties that optimise the performance of underfloor heating.

For suspended timber floors in particular, Mannok Therm Floor / MF reduces heat loss by an air infiltration method, making it the ideal solution for upgrading the thermal performance of existing floors.

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Floor Insulation Application

  • Insulating solid ground floors below ground bearing slab
  • Insulating solid ground floors with a timber floating floor
  • Insulating solid ground floors above ground bearing slab
  • Insulating suspended beam and block floors
  • Insulating suspended timber ground floors between timber joists
  • Insulating suspended timber floors other than ground floor between timber joists#


Performance & Properties

Board size (mm)1200 x 2400
Thickness (mm)20mm – 200mm
Thermal Conductivity (λ)0.022w/mk
FacersLow emissivity foil facers
Core water vapour resistivity≅300MNs/gm
Compressive strength>150kPa

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