EPD Shortlisted Finalists for 2023 Digital Construction Awards


Written by EPD Insulation

10 May 2023 / Company News

It is with immense pride that EPD received news that they were shortlisted finalists in the 2023 Digital Construction Awards.

As the title suggests, EPD had researched and understood the benefits of digitising the CX, or customer experience, via a new Transport system.

Transport Manager Chris Pratt takes up the story… “We saw the opportunity to improve both driver safety compliance and the delivery experience to our customers through the delivery of I.T for our fleet of vehicles and drivers. One of the main aims of the project was to increase compliance in driver vehicle check reporting through a digital process which would allow the driver to communicate defects in real time. This enabled the defect reporting to be more accurate, efficient and enforced compliance.”

Chris continued “EPD also knew it was possible to keep customers up to date with real time delivery status by text, email or via a customer portal. We needed the option to make this visible to customers to allow customers greater transparency of the delivery process. This visibility has hugely improved our customer delivery process and reduced the number of delivery’s stuck in query.”

The technology has been in place now for a few months and our teams are working closely with our tech partners to make sure any issues are ironed out and everything runs smoothly.

Neil Farrow, EPD Marketing Director said “The Digital Construction Awards offered an opportunity to explain our thought processes and substantial investment in the system and to congratulate the team on their hard work and commitment. We are always looking to improve and innovate in our sector and awards like this highlight the best achievements in the industry.”

Written by EPD Insulation / 10 May 2023



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