RW5 1200mm x 600mm 60mm

Pack60mmCover 2.88m²1200mm x 600mm

ROCKWOOL RW5 has been developed for thermal, acoustic and fire
performance in a range of construction types. RW5 is made up of
high-quality resin bonded slabs in a variety of thicknesses and
densities. Specialist facings are available to order to meet the
specifications of unique projects.
The ROCKWOOL slabs can be applied to an array of general building
applications for acoustic and thermal insulation of partition walls,
ceilings, floors and roofs. The multi-use solution is well suited for
easy application throughout constructions.
RW5 is rated Euroclass A1 non-combustible, providing the highest
level of fire performance. Using RW5 in ceilings, walls and floors can
help to compartmentalise rooms, reducing fire spread and damage. 
RW5 insulation slabs achieve Lambda 0.034 W/mK and are available
in five standard thicknesses from 25-150mm, with a density of 100 kg/m3.