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Kooltherm K107 is an advanced pitched roof insulation board with excellent thermal performance. Suitable for use in tiled or slated pitched roofs, dwarf walls, attic floors, dormer windows and flat ceilings. The insulation boards are perfect for insulating your roof and can be simply retrofitted when converting an attic where re-roofing is not needed. The boards are easy to cut and handle, ensuring an efficient installation process. They can easily be trimmed to size to suit rafter spacings.#

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Product Highlights

  • One of the thinnest commonly used insulation for pitched roofs, allowing U-values to be reached with minimal thickness
  • Isn’t susceptible to sagging over time
  • Perfect for creating a usable attic / loft space or attic / loft renovation project
  • Less likely to need additional insulated plasterboard due to excellent thermal performance
  • Low emissivity foil facing reduces heat loss through the roof and could help save on energy costs
  • Lightweight insulation that is easy to transport, handle and install

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