Warehouse & Drivers

EPD Insulation Group understands that efficient and well-organised warehousing and yard operations are critical to the success of our customer service.

EPD Insulation Group offers various products, from Insulation boards and screeding materials to drywall products; refer to the products section for more information.

Each member plays a vital role in maintaining an organised and efficient workflow, from forklift operations and loading teams to inventory controllers and yard operators.

EPD Insulation Group proudly boasts Van and HGV Drivers are fully trained to comply with FORS Accreditation, and all go beyond to ensure we offer high customer service on-site. Refer to our Reviews page to view customer feedback.

All our drivers undergo a 2-week training course, including a mentor when they are on the road. All HGV drivers have one-to-one training for a Moffet/Loadmac vehicle to enable them to offload if required on delivery.